Ever since I began my journey in the adult entertainment industry, I have dreamt of having my own paysite. While it might seem like an easy process, there’s a lot more to it than just purchasing a domain name. Over the years, I have received offers from various networks, but I realized that building my own subscription site would allow me to have complete autonomy, offer a personalized experience to my audience, and avoid paying the hefty cuts taken by some platforms. Let me share my journey of building my own website and the benefits it brings to both myself and my fans.

Embracing Autonomy

By building my own subscription site, I have complete control over the content, design, and user experience. This allows me to make decisions based on my own preferences and values, rather than being influenced by a third-party platform. Autonomy also means that I can stay true to my vision and create a site that reflects my unique style and personality.

Personalization for the Ultimate User Experience

One of the main goals for my site was to offer my fans a truly personalized experience. By building my own platform, I can tailor the content and features to cater to the specific needs and preferences of my audience. This includes customizing the layout, offering exclusive content, and ensuring that the user experience is seamless and enjoyable. I can also monitor uptime and ensure stability of the site personally, no having to reach out to my site’s network when someone reports issues.

Retaining More Profits by Avoiding Platform Cuts

Many third-party platforms charge a significant fee, often taking a 20-40% cut from the content creator’s earnings. By building my own subscription site, I am able to avoid these fees and retain a larger portion of my earnings. This not only benefits me as a content creator, but it also allows me to invest more in the website, creating even better content and features for my fans.

A True DIY Approach to Building My Site

I am proud to say that I have truly built most of the site myself, with some help from a good friend that I hired to be my sysadmin. Though I studied computer science and web design in school, building my own subscription site was a whole new challenge. It gave me the opportunity to apply my knowledge in a practical setting and allowed me to learn valuable skills in content management systems, specifically WordPress. This was my first time bringing a truly functional site to fruition of my own, and the experience has been both rewarding and educational. By combining my existing expertise with new skills, I have created a platform that I am proud to share with my fans.

Building my own subscription site has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It has provided me with the autonomy to create a personalized platform for my fans, while also allowing me to retain more of my earnings. I am proud of the work I have put into creating this website and look forward to sharing it with my fans. As the site continues to grow and evolve, I am excited to see what the future holds for both myself and my audience.

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  1. gokurichardson13 April 13, 2023 at 6:10 pm

    this is really informative, i’m glad you shared this with us!

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